Environmental Analysis Solutions


In addition to the introspective look at your organization and membership, this package of solutions provides an external perspective of the factors potentially influencing your member relationships and their professional needs.


Although competitive benchmarking is including in most of the Membership Assessment Solutions, the information is limited due to the broad scope of the studies. The Competitive Benchmarking Program allows for a more comprehensive examination of the competitive environment that your members are in.

This program helps the association better understand:

  1. The number of other (similar) associations to which members belong;
  2. Reasons for belonging to both your association and others (are there unique needs being fulfilled by yours or others that should be considered in value propositions and marketing strategies?);
  3. The one (similar) association that is considered the “benchmark” to your association;
  4. Whether on all associations or on the benchmark, the evaluations of membership value and engagement both in absolute and relative terms, including reasons for providing higher/lower evaluations relative to your association.


In most associations, strategies for strengthening member relationships are not only dependent on the more controllable factors such as your value proposition and how it stacks up to the competition, but also more uncontrollable factors.

These factors include (but are not limited to):

  • The existence and prevalence of competition in the industry/profession;
  • Governmental influence on the industry/profession;
  • The economic impact on the industry/profession;
  • The impact of student debt on individuals;
  • The impact of other debts acquired to do business in the industry/profession;
  • The general “busy-ness” of the industry/profession;
  • Social and cultural forces;
  • The impact of changing demographics in the membership and/or future membership;
  • The level of innovation in the industry/profession and the extent to which the member welcomes that innovation (especially relative to any competition).

Through a more extensive investigative/exploratory phase, LRC will help your organization to identify the potential factors and then test each of the factors for significance to your members.

When paired with the Membership Assessment Solutions, a Membership Environmental Scan can provide a 360 degree look at the membership and both the controllable and uncontrollable factors potentially influencing needs and engagement.

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